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A tale of two lives: Corrections officer by day, Kickeroo by night

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Every time the Richmond Kickers have a home game, Jacob Maupin puts on about 20 pounds.

Not because he's a fan of the concession stand... but because he brings the team's mascot, Kickeroo to life.

Maupin took over the role about 9 years ago...and aside from losing between 6 and 8 pounds a night during the summer months..has loved every moment

"I probably enjoy this more than the fans I interact with do," Maupin said.

Jacob Maupin

Getting into character gives Maupin a chance to decompress from his day job...which is nothing like being a mascot.

"When I put this costume on, it's time to go out there and have a great time, make people laugh, make people smile," he explained. "When I put on the other uniform, I know it's time to get focused and give the best me I can give."

Maupin is a senior corrections officer at the Virginia Women's Correctional Center in Powhatan. Days there usually start before the sun rises and can last until well after it sets.

Jacob Maupin

A bad day as a mascot might involve getting a drink spilled on you. A bad day as a corrections officer can be much more serious.

"Fortunately, I work with a lot of people that have excellent training and have your back at all times," he said.

Word has gotten around about Maupin's nighttime hobby. His co-workers have a similar reaction as the kids at the games... a few smiles and some of the same questions.

"They ask is it fun? Do you enjoy it? Is it hard? Is it hot?"

Maupin himself has learned that although his two lives seem very different, there is one thing that he has learned about being a mascot that he has brought with him to his day job.

Jacob Maupin

"You can have a positive impact on anybody. When I come to work here, I try to impress a lot of things on the offenders that we have. Even though you're at your lowest of lows here, this doesn't define you. You can still be a productive citizen," said Maupin.

Maupin does get one question about his day job quite frequently. People want to know if it's anything like the Netflix series "Orange Is The New Black."

He assures them that it is not.

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