How a neighborhood website helped woman find her stolen vehicle

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- A quiet West End neighborhood is on edge after a string of recent crimes, but some neighbors are finding comfort in a website that is helping them solve some of the crimes.

Lynn Clark and her husband woke up to a startling discovery at their Fort Hill neighborhood Saturday morning.

"When we walked out of the house I noticed there was an empty space in our driveway and I noticed my husband's truck was gone. I was like, ‘hey where is your truck?’" asked Clark.

Lynn Clark

After filing a police report, Clark also reported the stolen Nissan on the website, a free and private social network for neighborhoods.

Within hours, Clark heard from several other neighbors in the Fort Hill area.

While no arrests have been made, the website helped track down the Clark’s truck by Saturday night.

"I really wanted to thank the person and give them an award, but they wouldn't let me do that," said Clark.

Clark wasn’t the only victim. She shared some posts on from neighbors who are also dealing with crime.

"This is a post that I saw today. Someone posted that their car was broken into last night, Sunday September 17," she read.

In fact, several blocks were hit by thieves over the past week.

"This person who lives on Dexter Road said his car was also ransacked," said Clark.

Neighbor Ruth Jordan was also one of the victims.

"It's heartbreaking when you can't feel safe when you go into your house," she said.

Her husband's truck ransacked with a few items inside taken.

"It’s a shame that people have to go through this because they work hard every day to get what they have and then to have someone just come along and just don't think about anyone else but themselves and just destroy it or take stuff, it's just wrong," said Jordan.

Neighbor Robert Hall said the crimes have left neighbors feeling vulnerable.

"It kind of bothers me. My mom lives here with me and she's elderly and my neighbors too, I worry about them too,” he added.

The neighbors said despite the recent crime, the website has offered some peace of mind and helped them sleep a little better at night.

"I actually feel connected with my neighbors now," added Clark.