Homeowner can’t cut grass for 3 weeks, blames new subdivision

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- A homeowner is asking for help from the CBS 6 Problem Solvers after she said the new subdivision built adjacent to her property in Chesterfield County is causing drainage issues in her backyard.

Laurie Condrey said her family's property has dead grass and soft, muddy ground that gets worse with each passing rain after the Bellshire subdivision was built behind her home.

Laurie Condrey

Laurie Condrey

Condrey said the houses were built closer than the plans called for and trees that were supposed to provide privacy were mistakenly removed.

"They were supposed to have the 15 feet of woods, the 25 feet rear yard setback. And these homes should probably be another 50 feet away from our home," Condrey explained.

Condrey said that runoff from the property now wreaks havoc on her home every time it rains.

"It is too wet. We haven't had anybody over," Condrey said. "We haven't been able to cut our grass sometimes. We went three weeks without cutting our grass because it was all the mud."

Bellshire's developer, Greg Holt with Finer Homes, said they have made adjustments on the properties behind the Condreys to minimize run off.

Holt and a Chesterfield planning official said they believe the family had existing drainage issues before these homes went built.

But Condrey disputes that and said that the family has not been able to use their backyard for the past two summers.

"In 28 years, we have not had water on our septic field," she said. "It's only been within the past two years that we are having a problem."

Drainage issue

Drainage issue

The Condreys acknowledge the developer has done several things to try and help, but still feels some few things need to be addressed like performing a soil test and septic system inspection.

More importantly, the family wants an answer to the drainage problem so they can use their yard.

For now the developer planned to replace the sod in the yard and replant dead trees in the protective strip behind the Condreys home by the end of September.

Holt also vowed to work with the family to come up with a solution they are satisfied with.

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