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Hurricane Irma evacuees depart Richmond to return to the unknown

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Irma evacuees are starting to fly home out of the Richmond International Airport.

Wednesday, marked the first full day of Florida service after close to a week of cancellations and concern.

“It’s pretty crazy going to sleep at night and you think tomorrow I may have nothing, but we have each other,” Irma evacuee Vicki Price said.

“It is an uneasy feeling, you certainly want your possessions to be there when you get back,” Florida resident and Irma evacuee John Price added.

John and Vicki Price

Passengers spent days trying to re-book their return flights.

“It’s been an ordeal to figure out exactly how to get back. Especially, even when I get down there, I don’t know if I will have a ride out of the airport with the shortage of gas,” Florida evacuee and Richmond native Andrew Hutchings said.

While Irma evacuee Cynthia Cottrell expected a shortage of gas, water, and electricity, she’s ready to get home and has been counting her blessings.

“We’re okay, that was the main thing, we had to be okay. I have a three-year-old that I have to take care of, so we’ll deal with whatever we have to deal with,” she said.

“We’re very anxious, our daughter kept saying if you don’t have electricity and water, I don’t want you leaving and I kept thinking I just want to go home,” said Price.

“It’s home, and you kinda want to get life back to normal,” she added.

While flights are resuming at RIC, Amtrak service is still modified.

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