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Dominion Energy sends hundreds to help in Florida

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Around 400 Dominion Energy workers will leave Richmond Tuesday to help restore power to 660 miles away in Lake City, Florida.

"It's really unexpected until you get there, Dominion Energy Linesman Justin Carmichael said while packing for his trip south. "It's going to be tough, you know, we're going to be pulling 16 hour days, they told us to pack for 15 days."

There are already 300 Dominion Energy employees on the ground in Florida, removing trees and limbs from downed power lines.

With more than 6,000,000 customers without electricity in Florida, the Dominion Energy crews will be working on "the absolute largest electric restoration project in U.S. history," according to Dominion Energy spokesperson Rayhan Daudani.

Carmichael knows firsthand what it takes to restore power after a hurricane.

"Honestly until you see it, it's hard to explain," he said. "Some people have lost everything that they've ever owned, it's devastating to see some of the things they go through."

The linesmen job ahead won't be easy.

"We'll be installing poles, hanging transformers, pulling wire, anything that needs to be done," Carmichael said.

While Dominion Energy trucks will be packed with the essentials to help restore power, there are some other necessities packed on the trucks as well.

"Dominion Energy provides us with Tick Spray, Ant Spray, Wasp Spray, any kind of bugs we might run into," Carmichael added. "You also have your Poison Ivy Preventative on the trucksĀ  We carry water, I'm sure we'll have some snacks to get us through the day, because it's not everyday you'll be able to eat lunch."