Police evacuate George Wythe High after armed suspect call

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RICHMOND, Va. – Richmond Police responded to George Wythe High School Thursday evening after receiving a report of an armed individual running into the school.

Police said at 6:15 p.m. they received a call of an armed suspect running from the Midlothian Village apartment complex into the nearby high school.

Crime Insider sources told Jon Burkett that teachers believed that they saw someone run into the school.

When Richmond Police arrived, teachers and administration were evacuated from the building as investigators completed a room-by-room search of the school.

"They believed that individual had entered the building and so they evacuated. They felt like that was the safe way to go," said Richmond Public Schools Interim Superintendent Tommy Kranz.

Police did not find an armed suspect.

After further investigation, police determined that there was never a threat.

"Based on what we have found and talking to the initial caller, it was a false call," said Lt. Robert Marland.

A call that may have served as a dress rehearsal for what could have been.

"It’s good to see it working, I wish it was a drill instead of potentially a real life drill, but what I’m glad about is this… While nobody knew about what exactly happened here… RPD responded and anytime anything has happened at our schools RPD’s response is always first rate,” said Kranz.

After the school scare, police were seen circling in Midlothian Village, but we are told no arrests were made.