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Ellen’s 7-year-old history buff has ‘best lunch in the world’ at Colonial Williamsburg

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WILLIAMSBURG, Va. – Ellen’s precocious seven-year-old presidential history buff, Macey Hensley, recently visited Colonial Williamsburg.

Macey and her family are on a cross-country road trip for the Ellen show's digital series “Go RVing with Macey.”

Macey  got to experience life in the colonial capital and talk to historical re-enactors like George and Martha Washington as well as Thomas Jefferson.

Mrs. Washington served as Macey's tour guide and he adventure started at the Mary Dickinson Shop so Macey’s could get dressed in period clothing.

Then the pair headed to the Governor's Palace.

“Well, are you married to the president yet,” Macey asks.

“You mean Mr. Washington?” Mrs. Washington replies. “I am. I have been married to him quite some time.”

“So have you ever got tired of making pancakes for Ole George,” Macey asks.

“No, it’s his favorite thing to eat,” Mrs. Washington says.

At the Governor’s Palace, Macey chatted with Thomas Jefferson. Later she got to meet James Madison, who presented her with a pocket-sized Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

As the seven-year-old and Mrs. Washington walked to their next destination, Macey said she was floored by the colonial houses and the fact that “people actually live there.”

“Well, you are a very intelligent young lady,” Mrs. Washington tells Macey.

“Why, thank you,” Macey replies. “You’re going to outlive all your kids.”

“I am?” Mrs. Washington asks.

Then Macey and Mrs. Washington met up with President George Washington for lunch at the at the King’s Arm Tavern.

She described it as the “the best lunch in the world.”

The 15th season of the Ellen show begins next Tuesday at 3 p.m. on CBS 6.