Bon Secours ends athletic training agreement with Richmond Public Schools

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Bon Secours has terminated their contract for athletic training services for Richmond Public Schools, according to a statement by Interim Superintendent Thomas Kranz.

Under the agreement with RPS, which began in July 2014, Bon Secours provided athletic trainers for RPS high schools’ sports teams.

Kranz said the school system is “deeply disappointed” in the decision as they weren’t given a fair opportunity to further discuss a new contract.

“The timing of this decision creates a critical situation with our fall sports season already under way, which proves to be a very high volume time for medical liabilities,” said Kranz in a statement.

Bon Secours decision comes at the beginning of the fall sports season and one week before classes begin.

Kranz said the school system are working to fill the void left my Bon Secours departure and they will make every effort to “ensure the safety of our student athletes,”

“We look forward to the opportunity to begin a new partnership with a service provider that truly values serving our population of students to ultimately support the continued success of our athletic teams and coaches,” said Kranz.

In a statement to CBS 6 Bon Secours said they value their partnership with Richmond Public Schools and they are currently in conversations about changes to the partnership.

The rest of the statement read:

"Bon Secours is committed to providing athletic training through a transition period, which will cover practices and games until the Winter sports season begins."

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