Man gets red light ticket in N.C. the night he worked in Richmond

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For Monte Malik, every penny counts. That’s why he isn’t thrilled at all about a bill he got in the mail. A bill that he says is a big mistake. Malik got the citation for running a red light in North Carolina in early August. The problem is, he says he has never even been to that part of North Carolina.

He says he was suspicious when he first opened the ticket, thinking it was a scam. This whole ordeal has him floored. The citation explained that he ran a red light at 12:33 a.m. on August 11 near the New Bern, Interstate 440 area.

“I own up to all my mistakes, but this one is beyond my reach, my travels. I don't even know how to get to New Bern” Malik explained.

He went on to explain that with the shift he worked in Richmond that night, it is impossible the ticket belongs to him. He says physically it just isn’t possible.

“I get off about 10  p.m. So, I can’t. Even at top speed in my truck I couldn’t get there,” Malik said.

The license tag numbers look like the ones on his truck, but Malik said his burgundy GMC Envoy looks nothing like the SUV seen in the pictures that were attached to his ticket.

“I can only make out the letters. I can't make out the state, the month or the year on the tags," he said.

Problem Solvers reached out to Safelight Raleigh on Malik’s behalf. A rep there said it is possible that the tag that their red lights captured could be from another state other than Virginia. He also said because the letters are slightly blurred, someone could have possibly read the letters wrong.

The next step he explained would be for him to forward Malik’s case to a supervisor for review. They plan to contact the Richmond man in the coming days with their determination. If they deem this to be a mistake, they plan to close Malik’s ticket immediately.

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