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Woman killed, four others injured in East End ‘turf war’: Crime Insider

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RICHMOND, Va. -- The current violence in an inner-city Richmond neighborhood stems from an ongoing turf war, Crime Insider sources tell Jon Burkett.

Creighton and Whitcomb Courts are engaged in a battle with bullets. In less than 12 hours, five people were shot and injured in the city's East End.

The violence in the East End hits close to home for one Creighton resident, who asked not to be named. "It happens every day,” she said. “It's the projects."

She says people are numb and calloused to the chaos that plays out on her street in Creighton.

"They heard multiple gun shots and everyone got down and two didn't get up," she said.

Out of the two women that didn't get up, Crime Insider sources say, one died from her injuries.

The son of one of the victim’s spoke to CBS 6.

"I just heard gun shots and I ran out the door and saw my mom laying down on the ground, so I came and held her," he said.

Sources tell Burkett that his mom is now paralyzed.

None of the violence is in Councilwoman Kim Gray's district, but she says it still affects her tremendously.

"In public housing communities, there's a very small percentage of the people who are not law-abiding citizens that are creating havoc in those communities,” Gray said. “There needs to be an itense focus on those individuals."

In recent weeks a member of Gray’s family who lives in Mosby Court came home to a bullet through a bedroom window that had lodged in her TV. No one was home, but Gray says it speaks volumes to the problem in the city, pointing out sometimes they're hitting the innocent.

Councilwoman Kim Gray

As far as the turf war Crime Insider sources are speaking of, Grey says combining her service on the Richmond School Board and city council, she’s heard it all before.

"We see it in our schools and what concerns me is when all of these areas combine at public school, I'm praying more violence doesn't happen,"

“All those particular areas go to the same public schools, so with school starting up, I am prayerful that this doesn’t spill into our schools settings and high schools.

Burkett reached out to Councilwoman Cynthia Newbill who represents the Creighton and Whitcomb areas, but he is still waiting to hear back.