East End residents ‘tired’ after 2 homicides in just hours

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RICHMOND, Va. – Mosby Court neighborhood leaders and a local church are hoping positive community events can help stop future violence.

M3 Church organized a talent show and cookout at Mosby Court on Sunday, the day after a man was shot to death.

“We want to show the community that we care, and that we love others. When you see the kids doing what they're doing, it brings a smile to your face, it makes you feels better. Shows that the future is brighter even though it looks like it's not,” said Pastor Wade Runge with M3 Church.

M3 Church organized a talent show and cookout at Mosby Court

M3 Church organized a talent show and cookout at Mosby Court

Pastor Runge said he hopes to give community members hope, especially after another violent night.

Richmond police saidofficers responded to a call for a shooting at the 1400 of Coalter Street Saturday at 11:15 p.m.. They found 40-year-old Broderick Jones suffering from several gunshot wounds. He died at the scene.

Minutes before, there was another shooting at Whitcomb Court. Police found that 24-year-old Justin Townsend had been shot off Carmine Street. He died at the hospital.

Detectives in Mosby Court Sunday.

Detectives in Mosby Court Sunday.

Darlene Crutchfield lives in Mosby Court and is part of the Mosby Court Tenant Council.

"You don't know what you're going to wake up around here, and it's just sad,” said Crutchfield.

Her son William Crutchfield was shot and killed in Mosby Court in 2015.  She’s since teamed up with M3 Church to help make a change in the neighborhood.

"We are tired, and we are hoping and praying that someday someway somehow that we can come to some kind of conclusion --something we can come up with to stop the violence,” said Crutchfield.

Crutchfield said it is a blessing to see children get involved in something positive.

"The children's our next generation. We're just showing them that we care about them that in the midst of the shooting, the murders, the violence and hopelessness... that's there's others on the outside that care,” said Pastor Runge.

"People forget, there's a lot of good people in this community that really do care about the community, but it's an uphill battle,” said Stanley Sutton, acting lieutenant for Sector 113  in the Richmond Police Department. "They need just to uplift them and show them that they care. That's what this church has been doing, and it's been great."

Anyone with information on the Carmine Street homicide is asked to call Major Crimes Detective J. Crewell at 804-646-5324. Those with information on the Coalter Street homicide are asked to either call Major Crimes Detective A. Coates at 804-646-0729 or contact Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.