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Virginia Beach officials warn of sand hole dangers after woman’s death

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. -- A woman suffocated to death in Ocean City, Maryland after falling into a large hole on the beach. The 30-year-old woman, who was vacationing from Texas, died after she fell into the large hole.

Officials said her arm was the only thing visible from the sand.

She apparently became separated from her family at around 2 a.m. and her body was found hours later on the beach.

"Nationally, there are deaths every year from this and this one in Ocean City is just a horrible reminder of the dangers of holes on the beach," U.S. Lifesaving association spokesperson Tom Gill said.

Gill said the sand can be deadly if it caves in around you.

"It's a preventable incident. People should not be digging deep holes in the sand for the safety of all those around them and people that come along later," said Gill.

Stacy Frade lives in Chick's Beach and she said she takes precautions for her neighborhood and will actually go out on the beach and fill holes others left behind.

"A lot of people walk on the beach here especially at night but if it starts to get dark out you can't really see the holes," said Frade.

Officials say they don't know if the woman fell in the hole or climbed in but either way this is a terribly tragic situation

Beach officials warn people to only dig holes that are knee-deep and they also say that if you do dig a hole make sure you fill it back in before you leave the beach to make sure no one else falls in it or gets hurt.

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