Camera films Scott’s Addition thief enter apartment

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RICHMOND, Va. – A crime in Scott’s Addition was caught on camera Monday.  The victim wished to remain anonymous but shared details of the crime and the footage.

The woman wants to remain anonymous but she showed pictures of the suspect, caught on surveillance video roaming the hallway of her apartment building at One Scott's Addition on Norfolk Street.

“We just chalked it up to may be somebody entered the apartment on accident and I went to work and it was about four o’clock when I realized my wallet was missing," said the victim.

The woman tells CBS 6, she heard her fiancé yelling about a guy in their unit.

“We live in a loft and so he was above the kitchen in the loft area with our dog.”

“He heard the door.  But I think what he heard was the door shutting.  Not the door opening.  So, he got out of the loft at that time ran down and yelled something to the man.  But we didn’t fully understand what had actually just taken place.”

The victim says the guy slipped into the apartment and grabbed the wallet from her purse before taking off.

Scott's Addition apartment.

She admits the door was unlocked.

“Yeah, we did when we were home.  We leave it unlocked," said the victim.  “It’s frightening knowing that somebody was in my home when I wasn’t even aware that they were in there.

The couple contacted police and alerted management.

She explains what management wants tenants to do going forward.

Scott's Addition apartment.

“They’ve asked us not to hold the doors for people because that’s the thing you would do as a courtesy.  But we believe he got in by piggybacking," according to the victim.

"I hoping that somebody recognizes him and really put a stop to this."

Richmond police are investigating the case to determine if it's connected to a similar incident at the 3600 building on West Broad street.

The suspect is described as bald, black male with dark-complexion and approximately 35-25 years old. He was seen with a backpack, wearing a grey Polo T-shirt, grey or khaki cargo shorts and dark shoes with white laces.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.


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