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‘Enough is Enough:’ Parents demand replacement for George Mason Elementary

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RICHMOND, Va. -- To say the George Mason Elementary School community in Richmond's East End feels frustrated would be an understatement.

"Move mountains for us," one woman told the Richmond School Board.

"The only thing left for the public to do is simply to refuse to continue to put their kids in this raggedy, raggedy a** building," one man told the board to loud applause.

For over two hours Monday night, George Mason parents, teachers, and even a student told the School Board enough is enough, and they demanded a new school.

"I ask you this: would you require or have one of your family members attend a class that does not have A/C when it's hot outside, and does not have heat when its cold outside, and on top of that be successful on an SOL test during the summer months?" one woman asked the board.

They talked about mice, leaking air conditioners, falling ceiling tiles, overflowing toilets, the perpetual smell of natural gas and heat and air conditioning units not working.

"The mold, the bathrooms, the bugs, and the mouses," one student told CBS 6.

The interim superintendent Tommy Kranz said the school administration wants to build a new school adjacent to the current one.

"That's what we believe is the best option," Kranz said.

But that would cost $22-35 million dollars.

So he mentioned several alternatives that involve moving kids to other schools like Franklin Military Academy.

While the School Board made no decisions, board member Jonathan Young attempted to make a motion to close the school and move the kids to Franklin, but board chairwoman Dawn Page shut that down.

"Mr. Young thank you for the comment, but the purpose of this meeting is for a public hearing," Page said.

The crowd proceeded to chant "our children deserve better" as they left the hearing.

Page said the board will deliberate on the fate of George Mason at their next meeting on August 7.

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