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Broad Street construction quickens pulse of some visiting football fans

Broad Street construction quickens pulse of some visiting football fans
Posted at 5:37 PM, Jul 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-28 19:21:50-04

RICHMOND, Va. – There is no escaping the current construction underway along Broad Street for the bus rapid transit program, and some Washington Redskins fans have been vocal about its inconvenience. The frustration isn’t anything that locals haven’t already expressed, as the express route construction clogs one of the city’s main arteries.

So far the daily work has included saw cutting into the asphalt, waterline relocation, roadway work, new asphalt, old shelter removal, concrete pouring, and even construction for median and curb stations.

The Pulse Rapid Transit Route, a 7.6-mile stretch between Rocketts Landing and Willow Lawn, is a sprawling project that will along greater movement along a corridor that sees a lot of cars and parking.

It will introduce 10 new 40-foot buses considered eco-friendly, which run on compressed natural gas.

In the meantime, it’s brought some movement to a halt.

“Getting here was a hassle because there was a lot of traffic and I couldn`t find anywhere to park,” said Jeannette Kernes. “I don`t want to come here and have to deal with it.”

“I already traveled two hours to get here,” she added.

Plenty of football fans have had no problem with the parking and construction.

“And as far as getting in and out of the facility --I find it very convenient,” said Garland Leath.

So far, GRTC officials said the project`s completion date is on schedule, but it could take longer.

In the meantime, drivers will have to pack some patience or find another route.

“Constructions got to be done and you have to deal with know,” Leath said.

Officials suggest allowing yourself more time to travel and seeking an alternative route if needed.

Click here to view more information about the left turns.

Click here for a visual look at the proposed left turns.

GRTC officials said that based on a review of traffic volumes between Thompson Street and Foushee Street as well as community input received from numerous public meetings, left-turn movements from exclusive/dedicated left-turn lanes will be allowed at the following locations:

· Eastbound left turn at Roseneath Road
· Westbound left turn at Tilden Street
· Westbound time-of-day left turn at Boulevard (left-turns not permitted during AM/PM peak rush)
· Eastbound left turn at Terminal Place
· Westbound left turn at Robinson Street
· Eastbound left turn at Davis Avenue (into Science Museum driveway)
· Eastbound left turn at DMV Drive
· Eastbound left turn at Allison Street
· Eastbound and westbound left turns at Hermitage Road/Meadow Street
· Eastbound left turn at Allen Avenue
· Eastbound left turn at Bowe Street
· Westbound left turn at Harrison Street
· Eastbound and westbound left turns at Belvidere Street
· Westbound left turn at Monroe Street

GRTC provided this aerial view of what two of those dedicated left-turns looks like (this is in front of the Science Museum, showing the dedicated left-turns onto Robinson and into the SMV) while the red Pulse-only lanes are in the middle of the road.