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Henrico renter mystified as water bill jumps to almost $4,000

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HENRICO, Va. -- A Henrico renter is mystified by her County water bill, which went from 15,000 to 155,000 gallons.

Her bill started out at $300 after she moved in last November is now a whopping $3,762.

She can’t pay it, because she lives on a fixed income, regardless she says she shouldn’t have to pay it.

Ryland said visited and made calls to Henrico's Public Utilties to figure out why her bills were skyrocketing to no avail.

“I've gotta be supplying water for the whole county of Henrico,” Ryland said. “I mean a bill that high it was just, I couldn't believe it.”

Eventually, her service was cut off.

"Simple things like flush the toilet or get a drink of water -- you have to keep water at all times,” Ryland said.

Ryland was worried about her 87-year-old grandmother and son, both of whom have disabilities.

“You don't sleep, you don't eat, your anxiety level is --I felt like my heart was about to bust out of my chest.”

She contacted CBS 6 Problem Solvers, who contacted Henrico's Public Utilities Director.

The agency said they had no record of hearing from Ryland but would investigate. A day later officials said they would restore service and monitor usage.

“I talked to you yesterday and I got results this morning,” Ryland said.

Something to give her family a little piece of mind.

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