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Sandston speeders in this neighborhood may get $200 fines

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HENRICO, Va. – Some Sandston residents hope to partner with Henrico County to get a speeding study done in their neighborhood.

Debbie Lieb said drivers zip through her Sandston neighborhood, without a care.

“Shhhooommmm, right on through here; I’m… glad Hunter wasn`t out here.”

“We have big concerns,” she said. “We have children, two over here...two over there...children all over the neighborhood.”

She said that children bike all over the neighborhood.

“And what are you gonna do if a kid is on a bike? There is nothing for you to do but hit ‘em and well, nobody`s gonna kill my kids...not without a fight,” Lieb said.

Lieb and another neighbor have reached out to the county.

One man who didn`t want to show his face said he`s all for extra police patrols, speed humps and even added fines --  anything to slow drivers down.

“I’m just really getting tired of it,” he said. “That`s it, either they are in a rush, don`t care, or they don`t have kids and don`t think about it.”

Problem Solvers spoke with Steve Yob, who explained Henrico has a traffic calming program already in place.

Yob said that since 2004, they`ve evaluated more than 400 Henrico roads and 85 streets have the traffic calming measures in place.

It’s a multi-step process that requires concerned neighbors to partner with the county; first by contacting traffic engineering, and getting a speeding study done.

And if the street qualifies for a traffic calming plan, additional steps are taken.

“Phase one will consist of additional $200 fine for speeding, and if that doesn`t work after a year we can do a follow up study, then at that point we consider the installation of speed humps,” Yob said.

He said for that to happen, 75 percent of the neighbors must agree to the measures.

“Consider most drivers live there, some of them will get very angry if they get a ticket with an additional $200 attached to it, so the last thing we want is to add a fine and have the neighborhood say hey, we didn`t want the program,” he said.

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