Warped decking panels causing tripping hazard on Potterfield Bridge

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RICHMOND, Va. -- The new T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge in Richmond attracts everyone from runners to couples and out of town visitors with its magnificent views in every direction and the sound of rushing water.

"It's a beautiful bridge" Ellen Wafawanaka said while walking across the bridge.

But the CBS 6 Problem Solvers found a problem with the bridge, also known as the Pedestrian bridge.

"My husband tripped here, thought he was going to fall," Wafawanaka said.

"As I was walking I tripped over a section of this right here," David Moeun said after tripping.

The decking panels along the walkway are warping causing many of them to raise up, which has created a tripping hazard.

"I guess I tripped because one of the boards was lifted up," Matthew Munz said after tripping as he walked his dog.

The bridge cost the city and state roughly $11.5 million dollars and just opened last December.

Already the city had to put up signs to warn people that their dog's paws might get caught on the bridge.

"As we were walking along I had to keep an eye on him to make sure that wouldn't happen," Munz said.

"But were you keeping an eye on yourself?" CBS 6 Problem Solver Melissa Hipolit asked.

"No, not at all... didn't expect to trip over it," Munz replied.

CBS 6 asked the city about the problem and Mark Olinger, the Director of the Department of Planning and Development Review, said they are aware some of the decking panels have come loose and are waiting for the contractor Howard Shockey and Son to identify the problem.

Some people told CBS 6 that they hope the panels get fixed ASAP.

"We might not be able to come back until they fix the treads on the bridge," Wafawanaka said.

It remains to be seen who is going to pay to fix the panels. The city says they need additional information before making a decision.

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