There will never be another O.J. Simpson and that’s probably a good thing

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RICHMOND, Va. -- There will never be another O.J. Simpson.

Here's a guy who earned top honors awards for outrunning defenses on the football field, but likely holds the record for the slowest, nicest police chase ever.

He's a guy who many believe got away with murder, but got busted for stealing his own stuff.

And he’s a guy who looked old and bloated and rough before prison ten years ago, but comes from the pen looking younger, fresher and healthier.

Simpson is back in the game, or at least he will be when he's released three months from now.

Reportedly, he'll be drawing $25,000 a month from his NFL pension. Supposedly he has another pension fund that is also immune from the millions he owes to the families of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.

He has friends and family to welcome him home. Golf to play.

He did his nine-year sentence like a champ, according to statements from the parole board. It didn't seem like he got special treatment, or excessive punishment.

And you can - once again - bet on him.

My guess is the safe money is a one-in-seven chance of him being arrested again for a violent crime and only a 50-50 chance you'll see him cuffed for a parole violation.

Generally, those who play golf from the senior tees have a low rate of recidivism.

He has a great chance for a new life, unlike most parolees who walk out of prison with a felony record. They often have little or no money, long-shot job prospects, transportation and housing issues and, often, complex mental health and substance abuse problems that contributed to their prison time.

The Juice still has his fame - or infamy. Which is why it's also a safe bet we'll continue to see him, maybe even for doing cool, sweet stuff with his golden years. That would be the best ending to one of the strangest stories of a fallen hero in modern American history, one that continues to interest us, even if we want to look away.

Yes, there's only one O.J. Simpson.

And that is enough.

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