Third boat located after deadly day on Lake Anna

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SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. -- A third boat involved in a deadly July 1 incident on Lake Anna has been located, according to the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

"There were three boats involved. The boat with the two occupants, the boat towing the two kids, and the [third] boat that was said to cause the boat with the two occupants to take evasive maneuvers," a department spokesperson said. "The incident is still under investigation at this time... [the investigator is] working on a final report and will let me know if any charges will be filed when it is completed."

Charles "Chuck" Bowen, 53, of Orange, Virginia, died after he was thrown from his boat during that busy holiday weekend.

Friends said Bowen and another man were in Bowen's boat when they noticed another boat in their path.

"He had to make a decision," friend Mark Breeden said. "He said hold on... and he turned the boat as hard as he could to avoid any kind of accident."

The move flipped Bowen and his friend out of their boat.

Their boat then ran over the line of two children on tubes who were being towed by a separate boat, investigators said.

"Chuck did everything he could to save those kids on that tube," Breeden said. "I don’t think they are here today if it’s not for Chuck, I think he sacrificed his own life."

Witnesses can email news tips and photos here.

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