Dash cam captures thieves in Richmond car break-ins

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Richmond police are increasing patrols in the city’s far West End after a rise in car break-ins.

Surveillance video captured two men in the 4600 block of West Franklin Street going car to car July 9.

“You see two individuals walking down the sides of the street, they’re checking every single door handle to find one that’s unlocked,” said Willow Lawn resident Katherine Coleman.

Coleman is one of dozens of residents whose car was broken into and it’s not the first time it’s happened.

Katherine Coleman

“They did go through every compartment, pulled out everything, went through bags of trash and unfortunately I had just forgotten to lock the car,” said Coleman.

“It’s just frustrating that people would do that. They feel like they are entitled to anything,” she added.

Richmond Police Lieutenant E. Capriglione said the department has seen a recent increase in car break-ins in the far West End of Richmond.

About a mile away in Malvern Garden, Kathleen Peter lost about $800 of belongings in June and said her car was locked.

“I just had this sickening feeling and hit the overhead compartment where I keep my Rayban sunglasses and hit that and they were gone,” said Peter. “I recently, purchased a Sony a6000 camera, didn’t even realize until a week later that they had gotten that too.”

Police say prevention is the key.

“Our suggestion is to please lock your car when you’re finished using it at the end of the day. Anything of value either put it in the trunk or bring it inside with you,” said Lt. Capriglione.

Victims want those responsible caught.

“Knowing people violate your privacy in that way and come on to your property and get into your car and take whatever it’s just unsettling,” said Peter. “I just want them caught, I want them gone, I want this to go back to the neighborhood I love.”

“You can see the persons face in the video after he leaves my car and I’d like to have them held responsible for that,” said Coleman.  “They shouldn’t be allowed to just go in and if something’s unlocked take it that’s not how the world works,” said Coleman.

“We’ve increased patrols in all the areas we’ve seen a spike we track these types of crimes everyday so we know where to deploy our resources specifically right down to the block they are occurring,” Lt. Capriglione.

If you have any information you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.​

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