Christmas in July? Holiday decorations still line this city’s streets

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PETERSBURG, Va. -- It's one of the hottest days of the year but some people in Petersburg are fixated on winter -- because some holiday decorations are still up in the city.

There are about two dozen holiday banners remaining along two major thoroughfares in the city of Petersburg; still up about seven months after the holiday season ended.

The holiday banners were still on display on July 13.

The holiday banners were still on display on July 13.

And while the city is facing some severe financial problems, some living and working here said leaving the banners up shows a lack of pride in the city."

Some said the banners being up in summer are a reflection on the city.

"It's ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous,” said resident Will Distanislao.

“It sends the wrong message though, it says it doesn't matter, we don't really need to worry about this,” said Penny Ferris, a Petersburg business owner.

Those living and working in Petersburg, understand there are bigger problems that the financially crippled city has to face.

"Yes there are more important things but that should be one of the biggest things that's an eyesore, that we still got Christmas in July,” said Levon Ferris, who visits Petersburg regularly.

Welcome to Petersburg

Welcome to Petersburg

Three different banners reflecting winter or holiday themes hang along Washington and Wythe streets, considered gateways into the city.

"It's sending a bad message for people just coming into town,” said resident James Taylor.

"I don't think they're doing it intentionally,” said resident Bessie Mason.

She said that with everything going on these decorations left hanging is a simple oversight.

"The fact they are still up is probably because they don't really realize they're there, they so involved with so many other things that are so important to get this city situated,” she said.

But the winter holiday scene on the hottest day so far this year upsets some.

Penny Ferris

Penny Ferris

"I’m out here putting out fresh plants and trying to make this business look like I care, so if I care, how come you don't care,” said Penny Ferris, a Petersburg business owner.

The new city manager, Aretha Ferrell Benevidace, said she expects the bucket truck for the city to be repaired and the banners down by the end of next week.