Man forced to move from rental home: ‘It’ll attack you once you open that door’

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RICHMOND, Va. -- A man who is being forced to move because his rental home is infested with bats is reaching out to the CBS 6 Problem Solvers for help coming up with a solution.

Michael Camp said he was thrilled to move into his new digs in South Richmond in May.

“I love this house," Camp said. "When I came at looked at, four bedrooms, screened in porch. That’s what I was looking for. This house here is beautiful to me."

Camp's rental house.

Camp's rental house.

But after living at the home for weeks, Camp is ready to move on. go.

“And it's just, excuse me y’all. It's got me messed up," Camp said while fighting back to tears.

Camp said the trouble started when he realized he was dealing with a bat infestation. He said he found droppings in every bedroom and that the smell was unbearable.

“It’ll attack you once you open that door," Camp said. "It will hit you in the face. It’s real strong..."

Michael Camp

Michael Camp

Camp said staffers from the rental company put down a trap and sealed off the bedroom doors.

“That’s the bat right there on the gluey trap," Camp said. “That’s the main host where they are right there in that room.”

Fed up with the issue, Camp reached out to the CBS 6 Problem Solvers.

Dead bat on “Catchmaster” trap inside rental home.

Dead bat on “Catchmaster” trap inside rental home.

Management with KRS holdings on West Club Lane in Henrico, which owns the home Camp is renting, issued the following  statement Friday afternoon:

"KRS Holdings, Inc. is committed to offering the very best possible rental residences it can to its tenants. In regards to this situation, KRS Holdings, Inc. is aware of the situation and taking appropriate actions."

But Camp said that none those options have seemed to work so far.

“It’s just breaking me down because I signed the lease and I haven't been late with the rent," Camp said.

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