Neighbors on edge after 3 break-in attempts at Chesterfield gun shop

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- Chesterfield Police are looking for multiple suspects, accused of trying to steal guns from a small gun shop three times over the course of a few hours.

"Well it's kinda scary" said Billy Adams, who has run a small gun shop behind his Chesterfield County home for 17 years.

Nearly two decades  incident free, until Sunday.

Then three separate incidents happened in one day.

"To go this long without having any problems and then have it happen three times in a day, it is kind of upsetting" said Adams.

Billy Adams

The first sign of a problem came early Sunday morning, around 8:30 when the shop's alarm went off while Adams and his family were at church.

"Apparently someone had put a t-shirt over the camera and kicked the front door in," said Adams.

The suspects get away with two handguns.

A few hours later, two men walk into the shop "wanting to buy ammo and they purchased a box" said Adams, who added that it was then he noticed one of his firearms missing out of his counter.

Adams said tried to pat down one of the men, who quickly lifted his shirt and showed a loaded semi automatic.

The men walk out but attracted the attention of several neighbors because they are both running towards a parked car up the street.

"She thought it was very suspicious so she happened to take a picture of it with her cellphone and also got the license number of the vehicle," said Adams.

A second neighbor also spotted the men and took pictures of them running down the street, suspecting something might be wrong.

Adams said all the pictures have been turned over to Chesterfield County Police along with surveillance video from inside the gun shop.


Then Sunday evening Billy Adams' wife spotted a motion light come on in the backyard and saw two men near the shop.

About that time, a neighbor spots a third man walking up to a side door at the Adam's house.

"The neighbors next door... hollered to call police" said Adams.

HE said that's when all three suspects took off running.

Anyone with information should contact the Chesterfield County Police Department at 804-748-1251 or Crime Solvers at 804-748-0660 or

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