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CHESTERFIELD, Va. – Police are investigating a string of crimes involving vehicles in one Chesterfield neighborhood.

In one of the worst cases, one man's SUV was stolen from right outside his home.

David DeCook stood near the empty spot in his driveway, and said he should've listened to the dog barking in his ear.

And to rub everyone’s nose in the matter, the neighborhood is tucked away off Ewes Court, close to a police admin building.

Residents said dealing with crime is uncommon in their neighborhood.  Police said about a half dozen cars were broken into, and DeCook’s Lexus SUV was swiped from his front yard.

Police are investigating a string of crimes involving vehicles in one Chesterfield neighborhood.

“They went through all of the cars here and from what I can tell-they really didn't steal much of anything,” DeCook said.

There was another SUV that the crooks attempted to steal

Homeowners Craig Hierholzer immediately increased security, hoping to prevent losing any other valuables.

"I went out and bought security lights for the front and side of the house,” he said.

Heirholzer said the real kick in the pants is a neighbor saw the suspects but his attention was diverted because they were nonchalant and polite."

“Yeah, the one guy was like how are you doing this morning sir,” he said.

People living off Ewes Court said at least three men are involved. Police are urging everyone who owns a car, to please lock their doors.

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