Police respond to gun fire from South Richmond playground

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RICHMOND, Va. — Richmond Police responded to a neighborhood in South Richmond for a report of shots fired.

A man reached out to CBS 6 and reported shots being fired outside his home.

Police confirmed that someone was firing rounds from the playground near the 2200 block of Gordon Avenue.

No one was injured, police said.

Generally, according to Commonwealth laws, it is illegal to discharge a weapon in a public space. And celebratory gunfire now carries a harsher penalty with the passage of “Brendon’s law.”

House Bill 810 specifically cracks down on those people who fire weapons in the air during celebrations like New Year’s Eve or Fourth of July. The bill was named after Brendon Mackey, a seven year old boy from Chesterfield who was killed at his father’s side after watching fireworks, by a lone bullet from celebratory gunfire.

Anyone found who breaks Brendon’s Law  faces a Class Six felony, which carries up to five years in prison.