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SOUTH HILL, Va. — A Virginia police officer said a little girl helped brighten his day after a “heartbreaking call.”

Officer Brandon Fleming, with the South Hill Police Department, shared her photo and their story on Instagram.

“While finishing up assisting with a heartbreaking call the other day, I found myself sadly walking to my car alone in my thoughts,” Fleming wrote. “Out of nowhere I hear the sweetest little voice greeting me, ‘Hi Mr Officer!'”

Fleming looked up and saw four-year-old Nariah.

“I turn to find this lovely young lady walking with her mom. I was taken aback by her joyful nature and I attempt to greet her with as much jubilation as she did with me,” he continued. “I asked how she was and she informed me that she was great that day and that it was her birthday.”

It was then Nariah melted Officer Fleming’s heart.

“She asked out of nowhere ‘can I have a hug for my birthday?'” he said. “I ran as fast as I could to her as she did to me and grabbed her and received the most genuine of hugs ever.”

Nariah then asked for a sticker badge. Officer Fleming did not have one.

“I asked her mother for her address and was pleasantly surprised when little Miss Neriah told me her own address and spelled out her name for me to write down. I asked about her favorite things and I told her that I would find her later that day and bring her a birthday present since I couldn’t find her a police badge,” he said.

A few days later (no one was home the first few times he knocked), Officer Fleming was able to deliver the gifts he promised.

“This right here is why I do the job I do. For MY community. For EVERYONE’S children. For the betterment of US all,” he said. “If someone so small can show such a great deal of love and compassion to me, a complete stranger, then why can’t we all do the same for one another? We sometimes forget how great and innocent a youthful mind can be and how wonderful and beautiful their perception of this world truly is. For lifting the veil of clouds and showing me the true nature of things. For giving me hope that all is not lost in this world. For allowing me to be loved and cared for by my community. For showing your bright spirit to me, and for making me just happy.”

Officer Fleming called Nariah an inspiration to us all.

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