48 bottles used to make meth ditched behind Newport News store

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NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - Police said that 48 bottles previously used to make meth were found behind a store in Newport News, WTKR reports. 

Fire officials said the 'meth dump' was found around 5 p.m.  on Chatham Drive.

A landscaping company was cutting the grass behind the store when they noticed the materials.

A regional hazmat team entered the wooded area with monitors, infrared sticks, five gas monitors and thermal imaging cameras.

The measures were taken to ensure the bottles did not still contain meth making processes.

Roughly 48 'one-pot bottles' in shopping bags were found, fire officials said.

The 'one pot-method' is dangerous because the components that are used heat up and could explode.

Hazmat crews did not find anything visible in the bottles. Fire officials said someone made meth in the past and dumped the trash at this location.

The bottles appeared to have been there for about seven to nine months.

Fire officials said it takes three to four days to make a one-pot bottle so this was not a one-time meth material dump.

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