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RRHA rent confusion still lingers for mom, but kind soul wants to help

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RICHMOND, Va. – A mother of three who is a tenant with the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority is eager to get a rent mixup fiasco behind her.

Her story tugged a few heart strings and now the CBS 6 Problem Solvers have learned that she's one step closer to having her problem resolved.

Nicole Brown-Little pays her rent through an RRHA payment center, a convenience store on Mechanicsville Turnpike that only accepts cash rent payments.

In March the mom of three said she paid her rent and got a receipt for her $588 payment, but she said she didn’t examine it closely enough.

Weeks later she learned the RRHA never credited her account and sent a delinquent notice. Then she received a court summons.

She said someone else’s ID number issued by RRHA was noted on her store receipt. The agency told CBS 6 Problem Solvers that Brown-Little and another tenant both produced similar receipts. One is labeled a duplicate.

Since RRHA is still owed the money, they are trying to figure out which tenant has to pay.

One CBS 6 viewer who heard about Brown-Little's plight said she's forced to pay, he'll foot the bill if it means helping to lift the anxiety and stress this mom has.

“To have that over your head and to have to wonder when your kids come home from school are they going to see their belongings outside and say mom “’what's going on,’” said the kind viewer, who doesn’t wish to be named.

“It’s a blessing, a true blessing,” said Nicole Brown-Little. “We don't know what's going on with this man or his financial situation, but he is taking time out to look at me and say I can help her get out of her situation.”

“To that gentleman, thank you,” she added. “I’m totally grateful, I am appreciative.”

RRHA officials want tenants to know they have options for paying their rent and don't have to pay cash at payment centers. They can also mail it in with the envelope that comes with their rent statement, and they can also set up bill pay through their bank.

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