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HENRICO, Va. --  A Henrico woman who said she has been waiting on VDOT for two years finally reached out to the CBS 6 Problem Solvers. She said her backyard floods every time it rains.

Renee Quarles Young demonstrated that water can’t move through a drainage pipe, so the overflow pushes all the way into her backyard; and the backyard stays flooded for days, sometimes.

It’s a problem she`s dealt with for more than two years. She took her concerns to Henrico County, and workers came out to her home on North Concord Avenue to see if it was a county drain issue.

They found out where the problem was and said that it was a clog, and that it was a VDOT problem, she said.

VDOT told Young that they were going to get it done, but had to figure out how – because they said it`s pretty complicated. The pipe doesn’t just go into her back yard, but goes all the way across under Parham road to Walmart.

Young said the problem has gotten worse, and that it`s frustrating to deal with pesky mosquitos and flooding. She also the water is damaging her shed and some priceless family mementos and other items stored inside.

“I`m going to have to replace it or move it,” she said.

“You can`t come in the back yard,” she added, “it’s not healthy.”

With the flooding comes more trash to clean up -- vodka bottles, Styrofoam plates, empty sweet tea cans.

Young asked CBS 6 Problem Aolvers to help get answers from VDOT about when they'll fix the damaged pipe.

“The lady has been very patient with us,” said District  Maintenance Engineer Steven McNeeely.

“What we've done is run a camera down to see the damage, it appears it's going to be a complex project, not something our maintenance crews can handle,” he said. “We want to protect the road…”.

“We are developing a project and hope to advertise later this year so we can get crews out there and repair the problem,” he said.

Young hopes it can been done sooner rather than later, before it causes more damage.

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