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Alamo BBQ owner to open new Richmond restaurant

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Alamo BBQ owner Chris Davis will open his next venture, Frontier, in the East End in September. (PHOTO: J. Elias O’Neal)

RICHMOND, Va. — The man behind a popular Church Hill barbecue joint is cooking up a new restaurant around the corner.

Alamo BBQ owner Chris Davis is preparing to open his next venture – Frontier – in 1,900 square feet at 412 N. 25th St. in the up-and-coming East End neighborhood.

The building previously hosted a string of soul food restaurants dating back to the 1950s, including Johnson’s Soul Food, which relocated to Union Hill before closing.

Davis purchased the building about two years ago to serve as an extension to Alamo’s busy catering business. But given the size of the space, he decided to add dining into the mix and give Alamo a sister restaurant.

“It could accommodate everything we were trying to do, so why not go for it?” Davis said.

He said the new restaurant’s name reflects the type of dining experience patrons can expect – a culinary frontier of dishes that scales the Americas.

Many of Frontier’s signature dishes will be prepared on a $25,000, 1-ton, custom-made wood grill and rotisserie oven shipped from Mesquite, Texas. At full capacity, the rotisserie can cook 16 birds at once.

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