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Inside one of the Richmond area’s most expensive homes

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- For the past nine years, the man who built the 13,000 square-foot home in a cul-de-sac in the Hunton Estates neighborhood of western Henrico County had people stopping in to ask if he was a famous musician or athlete.

"We had a lot of people coming and knocking on our door," said Miguel Moreira.

No, he's not Chris Brown, which was one of the more persistent rumors, since the Grammy- winning singer built his mansion locally at about the same time.

Moreira is a concrete contractor. An immigrant from El Salvador who started his own company at age 21, working hard and investing in the equipment to handle big concrete jobs.

Obviously, he's done well. He and his wife designed, built and decorated their mansion for themselves and their two sons. They borrowed from a wide variety of styles based on things they liked while traveling in Europe and the Mediterranean.

The all-electric house has two big kitchens, a theater room and a big dance floor with a stage for karaoke. Not to mention a pool, hot tub, tennis court and basketball court.

Please join us for a video tour of the 20-room house now for sale for a shade less than $2.5 million, making it one of the priciest homes in the RVA market in a while.

The five-bedroom, six-bathroom home in the 3200 block of Lavecchia Way was listed April 14 for $2.49 million.

For all of its size and grandeur, it's surprisingly homey and comfy.

The family loved it, but recently built another house nearby, downsizing to 7,000 square feet, Moreira said.

He and his wife are also into real estate.

He credits his success to his relationships with the crews that work for him - many of them have been part of the family for 20 years.

"I treat the guys good," Moreira said. "That's how the business grew up."