Nikki-Dee catches a buzz as Richmond beekeeper

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Honey, this was a true 'BEE' Me segment! I worked as an Assistant Beekeeper to Jesse Jay at East Coast Honey & Eco Tours in Church Hill.

This was truly a dream come true. My great grandfather was a beekeeper, so it was neat working in his shoes.

I quickly zipped and secured my bee suit before entering the apiary. Even though I was completely covered, I was still nervous about getting stung.

I walked to the bee hive slowly and the bees did not seem to mind me.

I took the panes out one by one, looking meticulously for the queen.

She has a longer abdomen and once I knew what she looked like, she was easy to spot.

Every bee has a specific job. The jobs are determined by their age.

The saying "busy as a bee" has an all new meaning! These bees are busy! They never stop!

I am excited to go back in July to harvest the honey!

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