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RICHMOND, Va. — The pollen count last Friday was high, for both tree pollen and grass pollen.

The heavy rainfall over the weekend into Monday and Tuesday knocked the pollen counts way down to right around zero.

On Wednesday, the counts were still barely registering, but levels skyrocketed Thursday morning.

Allergy Partners of Virginia measures the amount of pollen and mold during the week.

On Wednesday, the tree pollen amount was two. On Thursday, it was 108 (high category).

Grass pollen went from zero on Wednesday to 86 Thursday (high category).

Mold spores went from 2,220 (low) on Wednesday to 8,190 (moderate).

This was the first time mold spores reached the moderate category this year.

Warm and windy conditions allow the pollen levels to jump significantly.

There is still some standing water and wet soil from the prolonged period of rain, likely causing the mold spores to increase a lot as well.