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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – In a close vote, the Charlottesville City Council voted to sell the Robert E. Lee statue in Lee Park.

The vote was three to two, to list the monument as a “request for bid” or RFB, according to Newsplex.

There were several items surrounding the sale process, and councilors agreed the statue’s sale would be advertised to places of historical importance.  The buyer will also be responsible for paying for any damage caused to Lee Park or the statue while moving it.

If the council does not find the appropriate buyer for the statue, it could be donated.

Additionally, a motion by councilor Kristin Szakos included a caveat that the statue will not be sold to someone who will promote any kind of hurtful ideology, Newsplex reported.

Szakos said council does not look to make any kind of profit off of the statue.

"I believe this is one time when justice triumphs historic preservation," said Szakos. "Just like we would agree to tear down a historic home that is a danger to a neighborhood, I believe we should know allow for the removal of a statue whose message is offensive and negative to a principle our community holds dear."