32-year-quarter horse rescued from Powhatan swimming pool

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POWHATAN, Va. — An unexpected 911 call led dozens of emergency workers out a Powhatan home to help a 32-year-old quarter horse out of a swimming pool.

Belle was trapped in the pool for over an hour after she fell through a protective liner designed to keep a cow out, her owner told the publication Powhatan Today.

Watch this video of the rescue shot by news editor Laura McFarland that CBS 6 was given permission to use by Powhatan Today.


Belle, who owner Lisa Langley has had about 27 years, needed a few stitches but was mostly shaken up. Langley said, “Belle was traumatized because of shock and couldn’t move her back legs at first.”

The water was first drained to help calm Belle, Powhatan Today reported.

“Luckily we have local folks who know a lot about horses,” Capt. J.S. Searfoss with the Powhatan County Sheriff’s Office told Powhatan Today. “They are the real heroes. We were doing the best we could until they got here, but it is better to have people that know what they are doing around horses. It is a 1,200-pound animal probably, so you can get hurt.”

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