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RICHMOND, Va. – Recently CBS 6 posted a story about missing children cases in the area which remain open.

Soon afterward a father contacted the news station and said that his child was home safe, though her name hadn't been removed from the list.

Richmond Police responded to the update with concern that the site wasn`t up to date.

“We`d like to thank that father who saw the listing and realized his son was on it,” said spokesman Gene Lepley. “We went back and checked it and found a couple others who had been found -- we removed them right away.”

He explained that many people are responsible for keeping the information updated so that the national site is accurate as possible.

Toni Jacobs never stops thinking of her daughter Keeshae who vanished six months ago; flyers remain handy at all times for her to share.

Jacobs is glad that website exists.

“I don`t care if you think they ran away, don`t know for should be urgent in finding these kids,” Jacobs said.

“We report to NCIC (National Crime Information Center) and they are available to Virginia State Police to pluck those names and provide it to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children,” Lepley said.

The list is re-populated every 24 hours.

Local officials said they feel confident the names on the list are children that are indeed missing in the city of Richmond.

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