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Residents beg city to tend to menacing trees in neighborhood

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RICHMOND, Va. – A city resident said he has complained to the City of Richmond multiple times over trees that line the neighborhood sidewalks.

George Hawkins said a city arborist came out and documented the situation, but that was two years ago and he said nothing has been done.

"It's frustrating,” Hawkins said. “If I was behind in my taxes, they would've done something."

He said that branches are in the middle of the street, forcing people to travel the wrong way down the street.

Hawkins also said a tree branch missed his house and took out a part of the fence.

"It's not going to take much more wind for it to come down to either flatten my car or whoever else has a car sitting there,” he said.

Hawkins said he has not received any letters, calls or emails – despite contacting the city.

Hawkins said all he wants is for the city to prune the tree enough “where the branches won't fall down and tear my car up, your car up or somebody driving down the street.”

“..They could have an accident or any number of problems it's creating,” he said.

Tuesday, a truck from Richmond's Urban Forestry division was in the neighborhood.

Hawkins says that's a start and hopes to see some progress soon.

"It's been neglected,” Hawkins said. “But with you guys doing something –maybe -- it's the shot in the arm that they need to get something done."

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