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Wheelchair-bound man frustrated by potholes in alley, and city silence

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RICHMOND,  Va. -- A wheelchair bound-man contacted the CBS 6 Problem Solvers and said that his safety is compromised daily by the alley he has to travel.

The alley by his home is filled with potholes and he said that he has reached out to the city for two years, but nothing has changed.

Donald Fields has to maneuver his wheelchair around more than a dozen potholes which litter the alley behind his East Brookland Park Boulevard home.

He said he has to use the alley, because that is where his wheelchair ramp is and where he must meet anyone  coming to pick him up.

Three times a week, the disabled double amputee relies on a dialysis van to pick him up. Fields said this bumpy ride is too much and there are so many that they can't dodge them.

“I’ve called and the woman told me we were on hold because of the budget and they didn't have money at all to do the alleys,” he said.

“This should be more of their concern, about people that are handicapped,” said a neighbor. “They ride through the alley every day. I’m sure they know about it, because they see it.”

Fields said at times he has gotten desperate enough to have friends try and fill the potholes.

“We try to fill it in so it won't be a bumpy ride when the cars come through,” he said.

Fields said it`s a huge safety concern and he doesn't want to think of what would happen if hit one of these gaping holes.

“I hope if it happens I can get to my phone to call because I couldn't move,” he said. “If I fall over i’s just down on the ground.”

He hopes the city corrects this issue as soon as possible.

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