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To dance with their daughters, these men took parenting classes

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RICHMOND, Va. -- The sixth annual Father-Daughter Dance for inmates took place at the Richmond Justice Center Sunday afternoon.

A small room at the jail was filled with laughter, dancing and smiles inside the building that is usually not associated with happiness.

Courtny Price, one of 11 inmates who got to dance with their daughters, was surrounded by his three daughters.

The sixth annual Father-Daughter Dance

The sixth annual Father-Daughter Dance

"It's all about them because at the end of the day, that's all that really matters," Price said.

While the men spend time behind bars, they worked hard to earn this bonding opportunity.

Father hugs daughter at dance.

Father hugs daughter at dance.

In fact, they took more than 30 hours of parenting classes to learn skills like conflict resolution and relationship building.

Richmond Sheriff C.T. Woody, who grooved along with the inmates, said the men got to see firsthand the major reason to make a change when they are released from jail.

That path forward includes commitment.

Dry eyes were scarce at the end of the dance as each inmate crossed an invisible line of commitment with their little girl waiting on the other side.

Price and his daughters.

Price and his daughters.

Price has a few months left on his sentence, but said he has his next steps already mapped out.

"I'm really committed to that line," Price. "That line is a line of truth for me. I can't do this no more. I've got something that mean more to me waiting on me."

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