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Try these tasty drinks to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

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RICHMOND, Va. – We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in the Virginia This Morning kitchen with local entrepreneur Susan Martinson from Keep it Simple Syrup (KISS). Susan walked us through how to create two delicious holiday-appropriate adult beverages, Lemon Shandy and an Irish Whiskey Ginger. For more information you can visit https://keepitsimplesyrup.com/

Irish Whiskey Ginger


2 oz Irish whiskey (such as Jameson)

1 oz Ginger-infused Keep It Simple Syrup

Sparkling mineral water

Wedge of lime


1Pour whiskey over ice in highball glass.

2Add Ginger KISS.

3Top with Sparkling water and stir.

4Garnish with a sprig of lime.

Lemon Shandy


1 12-oz bottle of beer (any light beer, ale, or lager – avoid dark beer and stouts)

1 oz Lemon Zest-infused Keep It Simple Syrup

2 oz sparkling mineral water

Juice of ½ lemon


1Pour Lemon Zest KISS, sparkling water, and fresh lemon juice into a tall glass and stir.

2Transfer this mixture to tall beer glass, and fill to top with bottled beer.

3Garnish with lemon slice.