Police arrest man accused of burning car, woman still missing

West End man admits to pimping out teen girlfriend

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- A West End man arrested for sex trafficking and prostitution said he pimped out his teenage girlfriend because the couple was desperate to provide for their infant son.

Henry Edward Awan, 21, said he served as a pimp for his 17-year-old girlfriend so the couple could earn money and pay rent at a West Broad Street motel.

"We are homeless. I mean really homeless," Awan told Crime Insider Jon Burkett during an interview at Henrico Jail. "We've stayed in a hotel a long time and we were trying to get money so my son doesn't have to live out in the cold."

Awan said he and the child's mother agreed that this was the best way to make money.

He said he would leave the room when customers would reply to their online advertisements.

Henrico Police, posing as customers, replied Monday night and arrested Awan.

He was charged with six counts of Commercial Sex Trafficking and three counts of Prostitution-Keep/Reside Bawdy Place.