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Video shows suspect allegedly using counterfeit bills at jewelry store

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HENRICO, Va. -- It was around closing time, when Wasken Derwartanian says a customer entered his store and browsed through his jewelry counter in Regency Square Mall.

"I had one in the case right there. So, he looked at it. He bargained the price and everything," said Derwartanian, store owner of DeVarti Jewelers.

Derwartanian says he was caught off guard by what he discovered when that man left his store.

Wasken Derwartanian

"I just felt like all the bills were looking like brand new and everything,” he said. “We looked at it. It looked fine."

The next day the store owner tested the bills and discovered the money was counterfeit. He reported his finding to police.

CBS 6 obtained exclusive surveillance video from inside of that jewelry store showing the man police identify as 18 year old Tanner Matthew Walters.

"That's him right there walking in," said Derwartanian while watching the footage.

Tanner Matthew Walters

Walters is accused of possessing counterfeit bills and obtaining money under false pretenses.

In the surveillance video, Walters is seen looking around the jewelry counter and asking for help.

He then pulled out a bunch of $20 bills from his pocket.

Walters counted the cash and handed the money to Derwartanian to pay for a $250 gold chain.

"He was arrested the same day… I was really happy,” said Derwartanian about investigators quick response to his report.

Tanner Matthew Walters. PHOTO: Henrico Police

Henrico Investigators confirm that Walters also tried to pass the phony bills at the Diamonds forever jewelry store and another store in the mall.

CBS 6 obtained the search warrant of the items taken from Walters Henrico home that include a digital scale and up to $4,000 in cash.

"We work hard every day to provide to our family, and somebody walks in… it's like stealing your kids money,” said Derwartanian.

Walters is behind bars without bond. He is facing six felony charges of possessing counterfeit money and obtaining money under false pretenses.

He goes back to Henrico’s General District court on April 12.