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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- Brett Hampton is an enthusiastic and smiling young man, who is quick with an introduction.

"My name is Brett Hampton and I am 19 years old!" the Manchester student said at our first meeting.

But Hampton is more well known by his nickname at Manchester High School.

Brett is known as "The Voice."

That’s because everywhere Brett goes, he’s singing.

"My favorite kind of music is soul!" he said.

Ask special education teacher Marie Boger and she’ll tell you, Brett likes all music.

"[He sings] rap, hip hop," Ms. Boger said. "He loves country, classic rock.  One day he came in singing opera. He comes in every morning just so positive and brings light to everybody. Going down the hall, he loves to give his fist bumps and high fives."

Brett Hampton, Rob Cardwell, and teacher Marie Boger.

Brett Hampton, Rob Cardwell, and teacher Marie Boger.

Brett has Autism, but is in the Moderate Intellectual Disabilities Program where dedicated instructors like Ms. Boger work with him on life-skill academics, as well as community-based instruction.

He also plays in a basketball league for students in Chesterfield County Public Schools with disabilities called The Medford League.

At the start of every home game, Brett, of course, sings the National Anthem.

Brett Hampton sings the National Anthem

Brett also assigns songs to people as soon as he meets them; kind of like their nickname.

"I was hoping for 'Brick House,'" Ms. Boger joked, “but I got 'These Boots Were Made for Walking.'".

My song came quickly.  Because I’m a news guy, Brett started belting out Marvin Gaye.

“I heard it through the grapevine!”

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