Richmond elementary school teacher charged with assaulting student

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RICHMOND, Va.  – An elementary school teacher was charged with simple assault, of a first grader.

Jazmin Warlington claims that seven-year-old Jada was assaulted by her teacher at Overby Sheppard Elementary School last month.

Warlington said that the teacher called her and told her she knocked Jada’s tooth out “by grabbing her face.”

Warlington questioned her daughter that evening. "She was scared trembling," Warlington said.

When she asked Jada if anyone put their hands on her, she said “mom, she just threw me on the table and tooth came out."

Jazmin Warlington

Jazmin Warlington

Jada also told her mom what she believes led up to the incident.

"I think my daughter was kind of being sassy because there were some new students coming in the class,” Warlington.

Warlington went to the school the next day and asked the Assistant Principal what happened.

"He was trying to call people, investigate and then call me back,” she said.

But Warlington wasn't satisfied.

She called Richmond Police and a detective showed up to file a report.

Police went to the school and questioned the teacher.

"They came and took the teacher out of the class and went into the office with the teacher,” Warlington said.

Richmond Police confirm they arrested and charged 33-year-old Samantha Aprile of Chesterfield with one count of Simple Assault.

The teacher has been reassigned but is still working in the school system pending the outcome, which upsets Jada's  family.

Grandmother Charmaine Warlington said the teacher was not apologetic.

"She lost her composure,” she said. “And it's just unacceptable to not even accept accountability for what she done.  That's where the problem is coming in with us."

A statement was released by the Communications Director of Richmond Public Schools:

"I have researched this incident and as you are aware I am limited in what I can share as this is a personnel matter," wrote Kenita Bowers. "The safety and well-being of our students is a top priority. This incident is currently being investigated and the teacher has been reassigned pending the outcome."

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