Nikki-Dee joins the Department of Forestry

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SUSSEX COUNTY, Va. -- The Virginia Department of Forestry is celebrating its 100 birthday.

As part of her Nikki-Dee, Can You Be Me segment, Nikki-Dee joined the celebration at the Garland Gray Forestry Center in Sussex County.

Wearing boots, coveralls, gloves, eye protection, and a hat, Nikki-Dee lifted the seedlings out of the ground, graded the seedlings on a table that feeds the seedlings by conveyor belt, and dipped and packed the seedlings for delivery to customers.

"I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this job!" Nikki-Dee said. "Did you know that when it is warm and dry, the pine cone opens up to release the cone's seeds? When it is damp or cold, the scales close up. SO it is like a little meteorologist."

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