Dominion scam swindles customers out of nearly $2,000

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RICHMOND, Va. — Dominion Virginia Power is warning customers about scam phone calls that has swindled some local residents out of nearly $2,000.

The company says scammers use a recorded automated message asking customers to contact Dominion’s call center at 800 607-3060. (Do not call this number, it is FAKE) Dominion says the automated message sounds similar to their actual call center.

The message then prompts home and business owners to talk to an “agent,” who would then take the unsuspecting customer’s money to stop them from being disconnected.

“This same number has already been used in Kansas against utility customers there—only the recording changes,” Dominion spokeswoman Janell Hancock said. The only number customers should ever call is 866-DOM-HELP.”

Dominion says more than 170 residential and business customers have reported that they were contacted by a scammer in the last 90 days.

The customer reported the caller claimed to be a Dominion employee and asked them to pay an overdue electric bill or be cut off immediately.

“The localities with the highest reports of fraudulent calls are the City of Richmond and Chesterfield,” said Hancock. “A customer in the West End lost $1,000, one customer in Richmond lost $1,909, and a customer in Chesterfield lost $1,662.”

Dominion said they offer a variety of convenient payment methods, while scammers insist on a specific type of payment, such as cash or a pre-paid card.

The company also told CBS 6 you should call police and notify them if you get one of these calls.

Here are several tips to protect yourself from scams targeting Dominion customers:

  • Don’t fall for threats of disconnection of service in exchange for immediate payment
  • Report suspicious activity to local police or call Dominion at 1-866-DOM-HELP
  • Be aware that scammers prey on victims at busy and hectic times.

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