Walmart cashier blesses customer, pays $100 grocery bill

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COLUMBIA, SC — For the mother of a South Carolina family of five, what was a chore turned into a blessing over the weekend.

Ashley Jordan is a stay-at-home mom to three little girls.

She said her husband works long hours so she can afford to stay home.

“Half the time his whole check goes to groceries and household stuff,” she said.

Jordan’s dreaded trip to Wal-Mart Saturday night was no different.

The mother, her husband, and their one-year-old daughter had two carts full of supplies in the checkout lane when they met Sharnique Dasant who walked over to the family and handed them $100, for no reason.

“I said ma’am, God told me to give you $100. And she was like, ‘What?’ I said, ‘God told me to give you $100,” Dasant said.

Jordan said she was in shock, “Nobody has ever done anything like that for me before ever.”

The Wal-Mart Customer Service Manager said she didn’t know anything about the family before their encounter at the South Carolina store.

“You basically do not know what others are going through. I didn’t even know she had hard times or was on hard times or struggling…I didn’t know any of that. I had never seen her…Yeah, God just say, give her $100.”

The two took at picture which Jordan posted on Facebook along with the story which has since gone viral.

“There’s really nothing special about us. I didn’t expect this to go that viral. I just wanted to say a thank you to her.”

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