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‘Day Without Immigrants’ boycott shutters over 20 Richmond businesses

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RICHMOND, Va. -- More than twenty local businesses, mostly along the Hull Street and Midlothian Turnpike corridors, closed Thursday as part of the “Day Without Immigrants” boycott. The nationwide social media campaign called on workers to stay home and businesses to close Thursday in protest of the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

Labor experts expected food service and construction businesses would feel the brunt of the impact. However, WTVR CBS 6 called nearly a dozen local construction groups and no one reported that any of their employees took the day off.

On social media, several opponents of the movement questioned the practical impact of the protest, and questioned whether anyone would really take it seriously.

At the United Latino Market on Midlothian Turnpike, the Gibsons, who live in 25 minutes away, pulled up to find the store was closed. They needed a piece of jewelry fixed and always come to the market for help. The Gibsons said they were not upset, but glad to see local businesses taking a stand.

"Well I was a little surprised that they were closed but I mean if it's a holiday or something that they want to honor I'm not upset about it. I'll come back,” said Rosalind Gibson.

“Immigration is what built America; it's a wonderful thing. I mean if they don't stand up for themselves who else is going to stand up for him,” Mr. Gibson said. "If nobody does it there's not going to be any type of impact. It's an impact right now we can't get our jewelry!"

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