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RICHMOND, Va. – Local Baker Leanne Fletcher from Big Herm’s Kitchen walked us through the steps on creating her easy to make Oatmeal Cookie Apple Crisps. Big Herm’s Kitchen is located at 315 N 2nd St in Richmond. For more information you can visit


Favorite Oatmeal Cookie Dough
2- Tbsp Butter
2- Can Apples, Drained
1- Tsp Vanilla
½- Cup Sugar
½- Cup Brown Sugar
1- Tbsp Cornstarch

•    Preheat oven to 325, Spray muffin pan with non-stick oil
•    Scoop cookie dough into muffin pan.
•    Cook dough for 15min.
•    In skillet place Butter, Apples and Vanilla. Cook for 2mins. Add in Sugar, Brown Sugar and Cornstarch. Stir for additional 5mins.
•    Chop up apple mixture to your desire.
•    Once cookie dough is done press a dent in top of muffin.
•    Place apple mixture in dent
•    Place your favorite topping.

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